Voyaging North. April/May 2013 Part 3: Valdez & Thompson Pass

With the Keith Hut behind us, we headed south towards Whistler to pick up a third passenger for the long haul to Valdez.  It was a long drive! But we eventually made it!


After driving through a snow storm, we pulled into Thompson Pass with clearing skies and over a foot of fresh.  Our first roadside adventure was underway.


The snow the was fun, but the scenery was better. Endless mountains in every direction! It was warming up fast, so we stuck to terrain we felt comfortable with, and kept lapping! At the top of our second run we met two people from Truckee, what a small world. The timing was perfect though, it was Cinco de Mayo, and it was great to party with some new people. We brought camp down to the port of Valdez for proper celebrations.


Sleeping in the parking lot of the port felt funny at first, but we embraced it and had an excellent evening!

We camped on Thompson Pass for a couple more nights with our new friends. We skied some roadside lines, but the warming was starting to get more serious. It was time to head for higher elevations and colder temperatures.  Next time I’m in Valdez it will be March!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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